Seymourpowell designs two-in-one reusable water bottle and coffee cup

My Nguyen

My Nguyen


Seymourpowell, a London product design firm, has created a two-pronged reusable cup called Bottlecup to replace single-use containers.

The owners of Bottlecup, Kate and Mark Arnell, say nearly 2.5 billion throwaway coffee cups are used and discarded, and just one in 400 of them is recycled each year in the UK. 

The product pairs a vacuum-insulated bottle with a lidded cup, which can be easily carried and conveniently used for takeaway drinks. 

“Bottlecup innovated to combine a reusable water bottle and reusable cup and cup lid into one seamless item, where both items functioned in their fullest independently of each other without compromise,” the designers explained.

The recyclable containers available on the market without lids did not allow the bottle and cup to be used independently of one another.

Twisting and slotting inside the cup, the stainless steel water bottle and the lid display a “gently curved silhouette” that increases their ergonomic qualities. 

For holding and twisting the cup on and off easily, the silicone-coated waist stops fluids from leaking.

The silicone band and the cup come in different colours.

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