Koh celebrates eight years, reaches 1 million Aussie followers

Karen Pham

Karen Pham


Koh has celebrated its 8th birthday as an innovative leader in providing “clutter-free cleaning essentials for a spotless home and a better planet”.

The brand says it has also attracted more than 1 million loyal followers. According to the direct-to-consumer test, Koh’s products are used in one in 10 Australian homes.

Along with marking the significant anniversary, Koh started its first national TV campaign to encourage Australian couples to share their cleaning duties.

Siobhan O’Brien, head of brand at Koh, revealed that one in four Australian men and women agree cleaning is the most attractive thing their partner can do around the house.

“Through our proprietary research we asked 1127 people about their household’s cleaning habits,” said O’Brien.

“We learned that just about everyone feels they do more cleaning at home than they’d like to. Our goal is to get fewer people cleaning and more people Koh-ing so they can spend more time doing the things they enjoy.”

Collaborating with scientists at the University of New South Wales, Koh offers a one-box approach with reusable, refillable and washable tools to simplify the cleaning category.

With four main simple functions – surface, dish, laundry and loo – Koh’s Universal Cleaner was awarded Canstar Blue’s Multipurpose Cleaner of the Year for 2022 and 2023. Customers can purchase Koh products online or in Woolworths nationwide. 

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Karen Pham is a marketing and branding enthusiast with a major in legal English. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, she is a contributor to Viable.Earth.


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