Domino’s creates an Impossible plant-based pizza menu

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill

Brett Stevens for Domino's

Pizza chain Domino’s is out to catch a greater share of the booming flexitarian market, launching a meat-free, plant-based pizza menu in Australia and New Zealand made with alt-meat from Impossible Foods. 

Domino’s chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty said the company knows people in both countries are actively seeking more sustainable food options – but they expect the alternatives to deliver on taste and a great pizza experience. 

“The Impossible Beef pizza topping does exactly that. It has all the flavour and texture of juicy, authentic minced beef, but with far less environmental impact.”

From this week, Domino’s offers to substitute real meat with Impossible Beef on their most favourite pizzas, including the Supreme, Godfather, Firebreather and Cheeseburger. 

“Whether you’re looking to reduce your traditional meat consumption or mix up your menu with flexitarian choices, our new Impossible Pizzas provide all our customers a meaningful option without compromising on taste, for the perfect Impossible Pizza Night,” said Ballesty.

Domino's creates an Impossible plant-based pizza menu

California-based Impossible Foods is one of the world’s highest-profile alt-meat brands and has won investment from multiple multinational funds. The company launched in restaurants in Australia and New Zealand late last year before consumer packs hit supermarket shelves in March. 

The company says each serving of its alt-beef uses 69 per cent less water, 95 per cent less land, and 88 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to beef from cows produced in Australia. Impossible Beef is also gluten-free, halal and kosher-certified, contains 25 per cent less saturated fat than Australian minced beef from cows and delivers 18.8 grams of protein per each 113-gram serving.

Ben Ewens, senior sales manager for Australia and New Zealand at Impossible Foods, says the company has enjoyed the collaboration with Domino’s to create the Impossible plant-based pizza range.

“Dominos has built a fun, engaging brand with a loyal following,” he said.

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill

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