11 Plant-based meat brands you can find in the Philippines

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their actions, more have begun to take small steps to save the planet, from wearing sustainable fashion to recycling plastic to riding sustainable transport – and there’s also a rather simpler measure: eating alt-meat.

A recent study from FDA showed that with growing awareness and adoption of global trends, plant-based foods in the Philippines had taken hold of a recognisable niche marketplace in the past year, offering consumers more choices in the category.

Here are some of the plant-based meat brands you can find in the country.

11 Plant-based meat brands you can find in the Philippines



Veega is the meat-free and vegetarian food line under San Miguel Corporation, one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines.

The products are made of mushroom, wheat and soy protein. Soy and mushroom provide the meat-like texture, a San Miguel representative told BusinessWorld, while the mushroom and spices “provide the meaty taste”.

Products available: Sausage, Burger patties, Nuggets, Giniling (minced meat), Meat-free Balls

Where to buy: Leading groceries nationwide

Wonder Meat

Wonder Meat

The locally manufactured Wonder Meat products are made of peas, black mushroom, and beetroot. It’s 100-per-cent plant-based, non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Products available: Ground beefless-beef, Burger Patties

Where to buy: Premium Robinson’s Supermarket and Rustan’s The Marketplace


Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. It’s one of the most popular frozen alt-meat brands in the world. 

The products are made from pea protein isolates, rice protein, mung bean protein, canola oil, coconut oil, potato starch, apple extract, sunflower lecithin, and pomegranate powder. Beef products that “bleed” is achieved by using red beet juice. In addition, the products are certified as not containing genetically modified ingredients.

Products available: Chicken strips, Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Meatballs

Where to buy: You can buy Beyond Meat from S&R Membership Shopping, the Prime Pacific Foods website, and the Wholemart website.

Naked Foods by Cinty

Naked Foods by Cinty is a local brand that offers plant-based alternatives for popular cold cut meats like bacon and sausages. (Note: This is different from the other Naked Foods brand from Australia.)

According to the brand’s Facebook page, the company uses soy as the main ingredient in all it plant-based meats and nut butter in its plant-based sausages. In addition, all products are 100-per-cent dairy-free, preservative-free, and use zero chemicals.

Products available: Plant-based bacon, Sausages, Beef strips, Pulled pork, Char Siu

Where to buy: Real Foods Store in Bonifacio Global City and Alabang, and on the Naked Foods by Cinty’s Facebook page.


Omni Pork

Omni Pork is an innovative range of alt-meats launched by its parent company, Green Monday which manufactures plant-based pork substitute products and frozen meals. 

OmniPork’s vegan meat, according to its manufacturers, also has zero cholesterol and contains 40 per cent fewer calories than traditional canned luncheon meats. It is also 49 per cent lower in total fat and 62 per cent lower in sodium content.

The brand’s products are made from a blend of peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms, and rice. 

Products available: Luncheon meat, Pork strips, Ground pork, alt-tuna

Where to buy: Prime Pacific Foods website and the Wholemart website

Quorn Sausages


Based in the UK, Quorn is a brand that uses a meat substitute derived from a natural fungus, Fusarium Venenatum. The fungus converts carbohydrates into protein, producing the company’s trademarked “Mycoprotein”. 

According to the company, its alt-meat products are high in protein, high in fibre, low in saturated fat, and contain no cholesterol.

Products available: Meat-free mince, Crispy nuggets, Pieces, Fillets, Sausages, Fishless fingers, Swedish style balls.

Where to buy: Leading supermarkets and Landers superstore online.



A subsidiary of local food manufacturer Century Pacific Food, Unmeat is a plant-based meat brand that claims to use just ten ingredients to produce its non-GMO products, including a proprietary blend of soy protein, vinegar, salt, wheat, starch, vegetable oil, spices, and natural flavours. In addition, it has zero trans-fat, zero cholesterol, and uses no preservatives.

The brand’s products are also used in leading food chains and convenience stores such as Shakey’s and 7-Eleven.

Products available: Hungarian sausages, Burger Patties, Giniling (minced meat), Nuggets

Where to buy: Local supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada.

Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods

Canadian-based plant-based food company Alpha Foods offer meat alternatives made from soy and wheat protein. It’s non-GMO, has zero trans-fat, and uses zero palm oil. 

While it has a variety of products available on its own website, such as plant-based burritos, burgers, and pizzas, only the nuggets are available in the Philippines.

Products available: Chik’n nuggets.

Where to buy: The Superfood Grocer

The Good Choices

The Good Choices

Founded in 2016 by vegetarian chef Camille Acosta, The Good Choices (TGC) seeks to make plant-based specialty food accessible, appealing, and convenient for those with dietary preferences or restrictions.

What makes TGC stand out from other brands in the same niche is besides offering the usual frozen alt-meat, that they also offer plant-based versions of traditional Filipino condiments and cuisine like Bagoong (shrimp paste), Lechon Sauce (roast pork sauce), and Tinapa flakes (smoked fish mince).

All products are non-GMO and made from organic soy protein. 

Products available: Plant-based pork belly, Plant-based pork chop, Caldereta (plant-based beef stew), Bistek Tagalog (plant-based beef steak), Plant-based corned beef

Where to buy: The Good Choices official website

The Good Seed

The Good Seed

A subsidiary of Edgy Veggy Food Ventures Inc, a full-service vegetarian company, The Good Seed is a deli in Quezon City that serves dishes influenced by various cuisines worldwide. 

According to the deli’s website, they make everything from scratch and source ingredients from local vendors.

Products available: Mushroom tapenade, Mushroom burger, Vegan Kare-kare (stewed oxtail in peanut sauce), Longganiza (Filipino sausage links).

Where to buy: The Good Seed’s official website.

The future of plant-based meat in the Philippines

According to market research firm Mintel, global demand for plant-based goods will reach US$74.2 billion by 2027. As a result, the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) encouraged exporters to capitalise on this trend by becoming plant-based food manufacturers.

“Promoting Philippine-made plant-based products requires a whole-of-government approach,” said Abdulgani Macatoman, Undersecretary, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), “The DTI will work with the Department of Agriculture (DA) to maintain an adequate supply, while also working with our foreign trade posts to secure buyers of our products.”

Think we missed anything?

Let us know in the comments so we can add your favourite plant-based brand!

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Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva

A digital content manager based in the Philippines, Kaycee Enerva has written for multiple publications over several years. A graduate of Computer Science, she exchanged a career in IT to pursue her passion for writing. She's slowly practicing sustainability through period cups, and eating more plant-based food.



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