Uber Eats collaborates with Detpak to create ‘singles paper bags’

Karen Pham

Karen Pham


Food delivery platform Uber Eats has partnered with Detpak to create “singles bags” for single or small meals, snacks, and drinks in Australia and New Zealand. The move aims to lessen the environmental impact of carbon emissions.

As the smaller-sized bags are made from recycled paper, Detpak uses 47 per cent less carbon during the production and delivery process than the bigger carry bags.

Keith Bishop, Detpak GM of Product & Brand, also listed further advantages of using smaller bags for food delivery for businesses.

“The community and the way in which we live is changing, and Uber Eats is recognising that there is a significant number of people ordering small or single items and there is a need to adapt to a new market,” Bishop added.

“Practically speaking, these smaller bags mean less material consumption, processing and transportation which will help to reduce Uber Eats’ carbon emissions impact in comparison to the standard-sized bag.”

Detpak and Uber Eats have partnered since 2018 with the same objective of offering the best packaging and service.

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Karen Pham is a marketing and branding enthusiast with a major in legal English. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, she is a contributor to Viable.Earth.


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