Aussie sunscreen the world’s first to be certified palm-oil free 

Irene Dong

Irene Dong


The International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark (POFCAP) has revealed Australian brand SunButter Skincare as the world’s first certified palm-oil free sunscreen company. 

Founded by Sacha Guggenheimer and Tom Hiney, the company aims to remove palm oil, which is harmful to reefs and the environment, from sunscreen products. 

“At SunButter we’re all about protecting people and the planet, and if we’re including palm oil as an ingredient then we’re not protecting the planet. We wanted to make sure we live up to our ethos and mantra,” said SunButter Skincare founders.

Aussie sunscreen the world's first to be certified palm-oil free 

Palm oil is commonly used in products. According to POFCAP, with more than 80 per cent of palm oil being produced in an unsustainable way, customers are increasingly seeking palm oil-free products as they become more concerned about environmental issues such as the impact on the rainforest, wildlife and climate crisis. 

The International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark was created to help customers recognise palm-oil free products at a glance. When consumers see it on a product’s label, they can rest assured that the product has been thoroughly evaluated by an independent third party (POFCAP).

“Consumers won’t see ‘palm oil’ listed as an ingredient on the back of a sunscreen bottle or any other product labels as palm oil is turned into thousands of palm oil derivatives, most of which do not contain the word ‘palm’ in their ingredient name,” said Bev Luff co-founder of POFCAP. 

“This makes it very difficult for the consumer to know which product does or doesn’t contain palm.” 

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Irene Dong

Irene Dong

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