Aussie father and son to go on expedition for climate change awareness

Sean Cao

Sean Cao


World-class polar explorer Dr Geoff Wilson and his son Kitale are to embark on an expedition named “Project Zero” next month to document the untold stories about climate change.

The journey will begin at the beaches of Southport, Queensland and bound for Patagonia, Antarctica and the Arctic.

The duo, who will be joined by drone pilot Jordy Pearson and first mate Alistair Burton, will travel on a specially adapted steel-hulled, carbon-neutral boat, powered by solar, hydro, and wind power. 

They will seek to use green modes of transport by sailing, hiking, kite-power, and skiing when possible. 

Starting on August 13, the seven-leg journey will take the adventurers to the world’s most isolated and vulnerable environments over the course of two years.

During the odyssey, Wilson is expected to meet leading climate scientists and advocates while Kitale will capture the images showing the impact of global warming on magnificent landscapes.

Their goal is to educate Aussies and the world about climate change and present practical tips on how to change their lifestyle and reduce impact on the planet.

“As we gel as a team, we’ll be dealing hour after hour with rough seas south of New Zealand; icebergs need to be avoided, storms handled and the boat has to be nursed through some of the world’s roughest oceans over 6000 nautical miles to Southern Chile then into the Patagonian Fjords,” said Dr Wilson.

The biggest risk is ice that could crush the vessel, or trap it, he added.

“Kit brings his strong climbing and ropes work to the game; I bring polar and crevasse survival knowledge, calm head under fire, leadership and forward drive to the party.”

Dr Wilson received the 2023 Lifetime of Adventure Award from the Australian Geographic Society for his exploration and research of the harshest environments across the globe.

The journey can be followed at

Almost 90 per cent of Aussies now believe climate change is a problem – across all political persuasions.

Sean Cao

Sean Cao

Sean Cao is a writer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English with a specialisation in translation and has spent many years working for a local newspaper. Sean’s interests include travel, food, health & fitness, cinema, and music.


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