Unveiled: the world’s first organic plant-based infant formula

Elena Lee

Elena Lee

Australia’s Sprout Organic has launched the first organic plant-based infant formula in the world.

The company has been developing a supply chain of certified, quality organic ingredients for five years to get to the point of being able to launch the product. 

The new alt-milk is aimed at parents who require high-quality plant-based products in infant formula for children aged over six months, a huge challenge in Australia because reaching the high standard threshold when sourcing ingredients is not easy to achieve. 

Sprout founder, Sel Berdie shared: “It is a true validation of the last five years of hard work in developing such a needed product. We are so pleased to be able to provide parents with this choice.”

Sprout’s organic products are pre-sold on its website with parents able to order from Australia and 19 other international markets.

Customers who have preordered began to receive shipments this month, while the organic plant-based infant formula will be sold through selected retail stores from next month.

Alt-milk products are gaining ground in all sorts of categories. In Japan, Nestle recently launched a range of plant-based lattes.

Elena Lee

Elena Lee

Elena Lee is a researcher with Viable.Earth and writes for various publications in Asia-Pacific. She travelled to Murcia, Spain for an exchange program at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. She has a fervour for discovering people, history, culture, and cuisine – along with immersing herself in environmental and sustainability issues.


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