Alt-salmon from carrots: a popular vegan recipe gets improved and commercialised

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva


Australian food-tech startup Uproot Food has created a smoked salmon alternative made from carrots – a market-first.

Vegans have been sharing recipes converting carrots into alt-fish for years, but now the concept is being taken commercial Down Under.

The company says it is on a mission to offer vegans and vegetarians seafood and meat substitutes by using veggies – and also make it easier for flexitarians to reduce their animal consumption.

Dubbed Smoked Not Salmon, the product’s maker says it has the flavour, aroma, texture, and appearance of smoked salmon that people are familiar with but instead made with organic and wholefoods such as organic kelp and cold pressed flaxseed oil to supply Omega 3.

Uproot Food was co-founded by husband and wife Nathan and Livia Tsivlin, inspired by their mutual love of animals and enjoyment of plant-based Food. Livia has a PhD in investigating marine mammals, while Nathan is a chef and restauranteur with experience in kitchens across Australia and Europe.

“We want to provide people with a fantastic tasting plant-based alternative using a minimal amount of wholefood ingredients,” said Nathan.

“Our Smoked Not Salmon is a true catch – without any bycatch and no fishy ingredients,” added Livia.

Smoked Not Salmon is available in vegan grocery stores across Australia or through its website.

Several companies around the globe have also launched meat alternatives made from plants, including Plantry, and the UK’s Good Catch.

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva

A digital content manager based in the Philippines, Kaycee Enerva has written for multiple publications over several years. A graduate of Computer Science, she exchanged a career in IT to pursue her passion for writing. She's slowly practicing sustainability through period cups, and eating more plant-based food.