Nestle Professional partners with 7-Eleven to launch recyclable cups 

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen


A partnership between Nestle Professional and 7-Eleven has developed recyclable Hot Chockee Cups – including the label and foil seal – that can be accepted through kerbside recycling.

The collaboration has not only paved the way for a boost in local manufacturing but could also prevent 95 tonnes of waste from ending up at landfills every year. 

Nestle has invested $2.5 million into its Smithtown factory in New South Wales to produce the new cups.

“The recent investment into the Smithtown factory has allowed us to collaborate on exciting new packaging solutions, like the Hot Chockee cup. It is a great example of working with like-minded partners to pioneer alternative materials to facilitate better recycling” said Nestle Professional Oceania GM Kristina Czepl.

The investment is expected to help the factory manufacture up to 4.7 million cups of Hot Chockee over the next year.

According to Fiona Baxter, 7-Eleven’s head of sustainability, the new 7-Eleven Hot Chockee still has the same flavour with approximately 68 per cent Australian-made ingredients.

“This innovation helps both Nestle and 7-Eleven to continue to work together towards our packaging sustainability targets,” said Baxter.

Nestle Professional is Nestle‘s food-service division.

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

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