BioPak acquires Huskee to enhance circular solutions

Karen Pham

Karen Pham


Sustainable packaging company BioPak has acquired Australian-based reusable cup company Huskee to promote their aligned goals of achieving a circular economy.

The acquisition will include accelerating the expansion and release of new products.

Gary Smith, CEO of BioPak, said the partnership opens new doors to more sustainable initiatives.

“BioPak’s long-term strategic direction is to drive significant investment into the reusable market, with Huskee’s impressive cup exchange program and end-of-life recycling program being perfectly aligned with our vision towards circularity,” Smith explains.

The same team from Huskee will operate to continue the brand’s sustainable and ethical business practices.

Saxon Wright, founder of Huskee, said the brand sees this as a milestone to amplify innovation and transition to a “waste-free world”.

“We see this as a significant step forward in helping us continue to build scalable ecosystems that seek to reduce waste, encourage the reuse of goods and recycle materials to enable the transition to a waste-free world.”

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Karen Pham is a marketing and branding enthusiast with a major in legal English. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, she is a contributor to Viable.Earth.


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