Krill Design creates lamps from orange peels

Tong Van

Tong Van

After years of research, Milan-based startup Krill Design has found a way to turn orange peels – sourced from a family-owned food producer in the Messina province of Sicily – into a new material that can be used for creating lightweight lamps. 

Called Ohmie, the product is considered to be the world’s first fully circular lamp made from orange peels. Given the Sicily area accounts for 3 per cent of global oranges, Krill Design believes that the amount of peels will allow it to stock up and create Ohmie as each of it only takes two to three oranges to make. 

Using ‘Vase Mode’ technique, the printing process deposits one single melted filament of biomaterial in a continuous spiral-like movement, creating a ribbed feel. The 23-centimetre-tall lamp comes with an orangey or cookie aroma and dark brown colour. 

After completing its lifecycle, Ohmie can be broken down into pieces and added to the household’s organic waste. The production of Ohmie is expected to start next month before shipping by November. 

Founded in 2018 by Ivan Calimani and Yack H. Di Maio, the Italian design firm offers Circular Economy projects for businesses and eco-design products using biomaterials derived from organic waste such as peels, coffee grounds, seeds and shells. 

Tong Van

Tong Van

Tong Van is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City Law School majoring in Legal English and has been a content writer and researcher specialising in the retail sector for several years. Her interests include fashion, travel, health & beauty and food.

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