Ending the climate crisis is possible, especially if we take imperfect action

Tom Ferrier

Tom Ferrier

Climate change is the defining problem of our generation, yet people still feel powerless to act because it’s all just too confusing.

The terminology surrounding climate change puzzles many consumers. Most of us do not understand phrases like carbon offsets, let alone the complexity of calculating a carbon footprint. 

Then there is the whole greenwashing aspect. Many of us do not know which information sources we can trust, to determine if a brand’s green initiatives are authentic and impactful. Let’s face it, green has become the “new black” for many brands who are just trying to win over your dollar. 

We established Greener to help shoppers make better purchasing decisions for everything they buy, to have a positive impact on the planet. Launching in Australia, it’s an app helping consumers and brands see how they are playing a role to end climate change. 

It does that by giving people personalised recommendations for more sustainable stores, and when they purchase from them, Greener makes every purchase carbon neutral by reforesting Australia. Stores pay to carbon neutralise the entire footprint of your purchase, at no cost to you.   

The whole concept is based on the premise that consumerism is the root cause of the climate crisis. But we can actually stop this crisis by taking tangible steps to reduce our carbon footprints. With surveys showing that Australian’s now fear climate change more than catching Covid, we just needed to create a super simple, no-cost way to be part of the solution.

We called the company Greener because this represents how brands and consumers can make a tangible difference without having to overhaul everything they do overnight. 

Convenience is key. It’s not about getting a handful of people doing zero-carbon perfectly, it’s about helping millions of people do it imperfectly. That’s how we’ll get the scale to shift the needle on the problem, and stop this crisis.

At the same time as helping consumers make a commitment to sustainability through their spending, Greener is helping businesses reduce emissions or waste. If businesses can prove their commitment – by meeting one of more than 50 independent third-party environmental accreditations we have identified – then we will list them on the app, bringing them pre-qualified business from values-aligned consumers.

Tom Ferrier

Tom Ferrier

A couple of years ago Tom Ferrier read a quote saying "the biggest risk in life, is not to take a risk at all". This changed his life. It urged him to hang up the suit and tie to create Greener, an experience that helps people repair the planet with every dollar they spend. The venture's world-first approach saw it named #1 clean-tech start-up in Australia, and now Greener establishing a greener economy for everything consumers buy.


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