Surf brand Haydenshapes collaborates with Woolmark to launch a wool-featured collection

Karen Pham

Karen Pham


Haydenshapes, the popular art and design-led surf brand founded by multi-disciplinary Australian designer Hayden Cox, has formed a global partnership with The Woolmark Company, a leading authority on wool.

This collaboration is to reveal a new collection featuring Merino wool within surf and contemporary fashion across multiple categories.

A men’s collection made entirely of Merino wool includes tailored shirting, pants and shorts, outerwear, T-shirt, crew-neck knitted sweater and accessories.

For the collection, the designer used recycled buttons and hardware made with repurposed wool and surfboard manufacturing waste crafted manually at Haydenshapes Mona Vale, Sydney Australia. 

To give Haydenshapes a sustainable option, The Woolmark sourced the Merino wool fabrics and yarns from AW Hainsworth, ABMT Textiles, and Xinao.

When partnering with The Woolmark Company, Hayden Cox can see the long-term benefits for Haydenshapes.

“The concept of Merino wool as a leading fabric story within our Season 2 RTW collection was to play on my nostalgic connection to staple wool pieces that I’ve had throughout my lifetime – some that have been passed down through generations,” added Hayden.

“We wanted to bring a seasonal creative flavour that is interchangeable through hook and loop logo and art patch integration, so the pieces continue to be relevant season after season. For me, investing in pieces that you keep and wear throughout your lifetime that are durable and not married to a particular season is a key part of sustainability and slows the rate of consumption. Hainsworth wool is an iconic fabric used in the British military uniform which we favoured for its structure and feel when applied to our contemporary shape and silhouettes.”

Merino wool fibres are proven to be biodegradable in both landfills and oceans and thus will not contribute to rising microplastic pollution.

Choosing to partner with Australian Merino wool is aligned with the Haydenshapes’ DNA, the company said. Merino wool fibre offers the optimal choice for responsible consumption thanks to its inherent environmental credentials.

John Roberts, MD at The Woolmark Company, explains the “collaboration brings together two Australian icons – Merino wool and the surf industry – offering a natural way to warm up and cool down pre or post-surf.”

Customers will be able to purchase the Post-Surf ready-to-wear Woolmark x Haydenshapes capsule collection on

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Karen Pham is a marketing and branding enthusiast with a major in legal English. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, she is a contributor to Viable.Earth.

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