Von Holzhausen creates plant-based leather strong enough for cars

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

von Holzhausen

California-headquartered Von Holzhausen, a sustainable materials brand, has used natural, plastic-free materials to create a plant-based leather topcoat fabric it calls Liquidplant.

Replacing petroleum-based materials, the brand has used sustainably grown materials, including corn sugar, castor oil, and flaxseed oil. 

With the launch of Liquidplant made of vegan alt-leathers, von Holzhausen and other brands can reduce the volume of carbon emissions.

In addition, customers can recycle the topcoat as it is completely biodegradable. This helps to prevent harmful microplastics into the environment when the products degrade.

Vicki von Holzhausen, the company’s founder, was working as a car designer when she decided to create a vegan leather that could rival animal leather.

Driven by science, she researched, experimented, and innovated until she developed a sustainable leather alternative that she could test on a handbag. When the handbag proved durable, she launched her company and has since developed other vegan materials, including bamboo-based leather, and leathers crafted from recycled consumer plastic.

The company’s plant-based leather is now being used not just in fashion, but on furniture, aeroplanes and yes, even in cars, where the whole concept was born.

The company has made a commitment that everything it produces is 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free, low carbon, non-toxic, ethically made, produces minimum waste, is recycled or upcycled and is designed to last.
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Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Karen Pham is a marketing and branding enthusiast with a major in legal English. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, she is a contributor to Viable.Earth.


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