Victoria’s Warrnambool Stadium goes solar, building awareness and aiding disaster relief

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva

Warrnambool City Council

Victoria’s Warrnambool Stadium is now equipped with solar energy and battery system through the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria’s (RACV) Solar in the Regions program, which aims to provide reliable energy to the stadium while helping save costs.

The solar and battery installation at Warrnambool Stadium includes a 31.5kW rooftop solar system and16.3kWh of battery storage with backup power. 

According to the organisation, the stadium was identified as a suitable location for solar and battery installation because it is the largest recreation centre in the vicinity, and Warrnambool provides relief to all the towns around the area. 

In addition, the stadium offers 2500sqm of floor space that could accommodate communities in or after emergencies such as earthquakes or bushfires. 

RACV’s Solar in the Regions program is the organisation’s project to provide free solar energy systems for regional Victorians, which includes twenty-four towns across the state with a solar and battery system worth $40,000. Each installation includes a rooftop solar grid plus a battery that can provide backup power if the grid goes down.

Richard Ziegeler, city council Mayor of Warrnambool City, said that the program is great for the community, not just for providing emergency energy supply but also for educating the people about clean energy.

“Yesterday, we saw roughly 90 primary school kids invited to the stadium as part of the Vacation Care Program to see working solar panels, learning about generating electricity and how cleaner energy can benefit the community,” said Ziegeler.  

Victoria’s Warrnambool Stadium goes solar, building awareness and aiding disaster relief
Emma, 6, Louis, 7, and Grace, 7, work on building their solar car model. / Warrnambool City Council

“It was encouraging to see, and we all had a fun day learning with everyone who came. It is a fantastic initiative, and we are both grateful and glad that Warrnambool got to be a part of RACV’s program.”

Andy McCarty, CEO of RACV Solar, said that the company wants to help provide regional communities with a contingency from a cleaner energy source in case of disruptions. 

The benefits of solar power are well known; reducing electricity bills and contributing to a cleaner energy source, but in an emergency, you need backup power, which is why we’ve included battery storage with all these systems,” he said.

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva

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