Next Wagyu 2.0: An alt-meat substitute that doesn’t need chilling

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Next Meats Co. Ltd

Next Meats, a Tokyo-based food-tech venture company, has unveiled “Next Wagyu 2.0” – its newest non-GMO soybean protein-based Wagyu alt-meat product.

The shelf life of Next Wagyu 2.0 is up to one year without refrigeration thanks to a vacuum packing method created by Mama Foods.

Next Wagyu 2.0: An alt-meat substitute that doesn't need chilling
Source: Next Meats

The last version of the Next Wagyu alt-meat series – Short-Rib and the Skirt-Steak – required refrigeration and expensive storage. Without requiring chilling, this newer version of Wagyu will make it easier for international importers and retailers to source, and it is also cheaper to produce.

From early next year, the company will start producing a small package of flavour Next Wagyu 2.0 for consumers and a non-flavoured large package for culinary and restaurant specialists globally.

In order to deliver a sustainable global environment to the next generation, the company continues to promote new products and reinforced its plans to enter the international market with the “Next Food” proposal. 

Mama Foods, one of the leading food companies in the northeastern part of Japan, manufactures and distributes Japanese food products based on traditional recipes. 

Wagyu beef comes from any of the four Japanese breeds of beef cattle and is considered a delicacy among beef consumers. The creation of a Wagyu alt-meat alternative is a bid to recreate the taste and texture of real beef, without using animal proteins.

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Karen Pham

Karen Pham

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