Credible sustainability websites you need to know

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva


As we all learn more about how our behaviour harms the planet, we are also looking for ways to educate ourselves, improve our lifestyles, and reduce our environmental footprint.

So, at Viable.Earth, we’ve rounded up eight credible sustainability websites for those seeking information, and inspiration on eco-friendly living, ethical fashion, alt-protein, renewable energy, or lowering carbon footprints.

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10 Credible sustainability websites you need to know

#1 Green Queen

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
Green Queen

The award-winning sustainability website was founded by social entrepreneur and eco-activist Sonali Figueiras in 2011. 

Based in Hong Kong, the online magazine advocates for social and environmental change by sharing breaking stories, product launches, industry insights and exclusive interviews. It’s also one of the biggest resources for news related to alt-protein. 

#2 Tree Hugger

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
Tree Hugger

With more than 2.6 million viewers monthly, Treehugger is one of the world’s largest sustainability information websites dedicated to sustainability. 

According to the owners, it can be challenging to discern reliable sustainability content from sales-y or agenda-driven stories. So it aims to cut through the noise and provide trustworthy content accessible to everyone.

#3 Viable Earth

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
Viable Earth

Launched by Robert Stockdill of Metro Creative Asia in 2020, the platform aims to inspire consumers to seek new lifestyle solutions and products that help them lead a better life and reduce the impact on the planet. It is also featured as one of the Top 100 Sustainability Websites worldwide.

Its coverage includes:

  • News and background on sustainable fashion and lifestyle.
  • Plant-based foods.
  • Electric vehicles (and planes and ferries!).
  • Health and beauty.
  • Green energy.
  • Retailing, and even green investing.

The site’s mantra is: “No preaching. No militancy. Every step counts.”

#4 Green Citizen

Credible sustainability websites you need to know

This green-oriented website was founded on Earth Day in 2005. Its goal is to help reduce or even reverse environmental damage by inspiring people to develop a sustainable metro circular economy that can make every day an Earth Day.

Aside from publishing news, the platform offers a green directory for eco-friendly companies, recycling services, a shop for pre-loved tech products, and even a sustainability jobs board.

According to Green Citizen, it can’t offer all the solutions, but people can start with whatever they can contribute.

#5 Inhabitat

Credible sustainability websites you need to know

Founded in 2016 by designer Jill Fehrenbacher, the platform started as a forum for emerging trends on products, interior, and architectural design. Today it has shifted to include developments in environmental policy and eco-conscious design projects and technology supporting environmental and aesthetic considerations. 

According to Inhabitat, it is dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing problems through the power of smart design.

#6 Mother Earth News

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
Mother Earth News

What initially began as a print magazine has evolved into an online news site that provides wide-ranging editorial coverage on sustainable living, green transportation, health, green building, and renewable energy.

#7 Green Choices

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
Green Choices

The site was launched in the early 2000s to provide consumer information on greener choices available in the market. In 2009, the platform was transferred to new directors, Ross and Issi Llamas. The partners are passionate about the environment and believe anyone can play a part in reducing the pressure on earth’s natural resources.

The site shares a range of articles on topics including green living, gardening, renewable energy, and eco news.

#8 The Eco Warrior Princess

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
The Eco Warrior Princess

The media platform seeks to redefine what it means to “live green”.

Founded in 2010 by writer, activist, and certified organic farm owner Jennifer Nini, the site covers a range of topics from environmental issues, conservation, conscious business, social justice, sustainable fashion, eco beauty, wellness, green technology, and feminism. 

#9 The Beet

Credible sustainability websites you need to know
The Beet

The Beet is an up-and-coming plant-based platform that features a range of stories from food, health news, product launches, plant-based restaurant reviews, first-person stories, and even sustainable fashion.

According to its website, it welcomes anyone, and it doesn’t matter if you’re plant-based, vegan, or omnivore. It seeks to be an “all-in-one” resource for anyone interested in eating or learning more about plant-based diets.

#10 E360

Credible sustainability websites you need to know

E360 is an online magazine published by Yale University that provides perspectives, analysis, reporting, and debate on global environmental concerns. Original pieces by scientists, journalists, environmentalists, academics, policymakers, businesspeople, multimedia content, and a daily digest of key environmental news.

The rise of the eco-conscious consumer

A recent survey concluded that people “have dramatically evolved” in terms of sustainability awareness and that 60 per cent of us say we will make more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases. Within that number, 90 per cent said they would continue to do so.

With the rising trend in the eco-friendly market, it’s not easy to filter out which organisations or businesses are genuine and authentic in their cause. We hope that this curated list of media can help you find credible resources and make sustainable choices not just for yourself but also for every living thing on the planet.

Kaycee Enerva

Kaycee Enerva

A digital content manager based in the Philippines, Kaycee Enerva has written for multiple publications over several years. A graduate of Computer Science, she exchanged a career in IT to pursue her passion for writing. She's slowly practicing sustainability through period cups, and eating more plant-based food.