Corona Island set to become a sustainable living showcase – for a select few

Irene Dong

Irene Dong


Beer maker Corona is to open an island destination for people who love the natural world that will act as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Opening to visitors at the beginning of next year, Corona Island is located in the heart of the Caribean Sea.

“Corona Island is unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” explains Felipe Ambra, Global VP at Corona. “As a brand that’s so deeply connected with nature, we wanted to pay respect to and celebrate the natural environment that supplies our 100-per-cent natural ingredients.

“Now, more than ever, people have a need to safely reconnect with the outdoors. We’re inviting people from around the world to come together and combine education with responsible tourism. Our hope is that when guests return home, they’ll have fallen in love with nature again, and will be re-energised to be better global citizens in their communities,” he said.

“When people are in love with someone or something, they always do their best to protect it – that’s our objective with Corona Island.”

The beer company will limit the number of visitors on the island to minimise the impact of humans on the natural pace. Access is restricted to residents of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and South Africa.

Activities around protecting the environment are strengthened for guests on the island with the aim of pushing sustainable practices. Those activities include workshops about plastic-free living, meditation, and visits to local farms. People can relax on the beaches, botanical enclaves and blue waters.

Corona Island plans to become Blue Certified as part of the NGO Oceanic Global‘s Blue Standard program. Corona hopes its island can become the first to be fully Blue Verified.

Irene Dong

Irene Dong

Irene Dong is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology with a major in international relations, specialising in public relations, communications, and media. An aspiring writer she has a passion for fashion, sustainability, and languages.


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