Project Blank creates a world-first plastic neutral wetsuit

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

Project Blank / Facebook

Australian wetsuit brand Project Blank has launched a plastic neutral wetsuit collection – billed as a world first.

The Yulex collection, as Project Black calls it, is designed with EcoPre tail pads and made from 100 per cent recycled apparel with the help of recycling initiatives by Upparel & Into Carry.

Project Blank says it has always made an all-out effort to remove plastic from its supply chain, focusing on the use of plant-based solutions, regenerative fibres and recycled materials wherever possible.

The company will concentrate on cleaner manufacturing, bio-degradable packaging, and tangible partnerships that create a positive impact on the environment and communities.

By collaborating with the Plastic Bank pioneers, 250,000 single-use plastic bottles have been diverted from entering the oceans by 2024. To achieve the goal, Plastic Bank is establishing ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities around the world and reprocessing the collected materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.

This collaboration also helps to empower ocean-loving communities with a way out of poverty by offering safe, secure, traceable sources of income. 

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

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