H&M Canada launches resale platform for fashion

Tong Van

Tong Van

H&M Canada has launched a resale platform called Rewear, encouraging shoppers to give pre-loved fashion pieces a second life. 

The online site will allow Canadians to buy and sell used clothing from any brand, helping to prolong the lifespan of those garments. H&M Rewear is powered by Reflaunt, a disruptive Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS) technology company.

“We felt it was important to be inclusive of all brands in Canada rather than just limiting this platform for H&M products,” said Federic Tavoukdjian, country manager of H&M Canada. 

“We want to provide a destination for Canadians to become active participants in circularity and find new homes for garments from any brand in their closet. As this is a Canadian initiative, H&M Canada will be the first market to launch Rewear.”

Sellers will be able to search H&M products directly by putting in the product number found on the care label which then will give them access to pictures, descriptions, colours from previous seasons through the H&M search bar.

H&M Rewear also offers first picture retouch on all listings and advises on prices through its price recommendation algorithm. 

“Although we offer garment collecting in our stores, we felt it was important to find a second way for our customers to recycle their clothing,” said Geraldine Maunier-Rossi, head of marketing for H&M Canada.

“With H&M Rewear, we are not only offering a place for Canadians to recycle and reuse products, but we are giving them a platform to become active participants in circularity and give a second life to their favourite styles.” 

In other H&M news, the apparel company has just replaced plastic bags with paper packaging for online sales.

Tong Van

Tong Van

Tong Van is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City Law School majoring in Legal English and has been a content writer and researcher specialising in the retail sector for several years. Her interests include fashion, travel, health & beauty and food.

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