Walmart purchases 4500 Canoo all-electric delivery vehicles for last-mile delivery fulfilment

Karen Pham

Karen Pham


Walmart has signed a contract with Canoo, a high-tech advanced mobility company, to buy 4500 electric vehicles used to deliver online orders in a sustainable way. 

Canoo’s Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) will first be used for Walmart deliveries and the first vehicles are expected to hit the road next year.

The LDV is an all-American commercial EV designed for sustainable last-mile deliveries with improved driver ergonomics and safety. ​​It is used for frequent stop-and-go deliveries and quick vehicle-to-door drop-off of everything, from groceries to general merchandise.

“We are proud to have been selected by Walmart, one of the most sophisticated buyers in the world, to provide our high-tech, all-electric, American made Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle to add to their impressive logistics capabilities,” said Tony Aquila, investor, chairman and CEO at Canoo.

“Walmart’s massive store footprint provides a strategic advantage in today’s growing ‘Need it now’ mindset and an unmatched opportunity for growing EV demand, especially at today’s [petrol] prices.”

Canoo’s electric vehicles may also be used for Walmart GoLocal, the retailer’s delivery-as-a-service business.

Furthermore, Canoo has chosen Bentonville, Arkansas as its headquarters – in close proximity to Walmart’s corporate headquarters – and Pryor, Oklahoma as the US manufacturing site as well as founding an EV ecosystem in the heartland.

“We’re encouraged that by being located in close proximity to the Canoo headquarters, we have the advantage to collaborate and innovate in real-time as well as the opportunity to aid in the creation of manufacturing and technology jobs here in our home state of Arkansas,” said David Guggina, senior VP of innovation and automation at Walmart US.

Karen Pham

Karen Pham

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