StormFisher converts food waste into fuel

Irene Dong

Irene Dong

Canadian startup StormFisher is on a journey to convert food waste into fuel to help reduce its impact on the environment. 

Founded by a creative and passionate team, StormFisher develops and opens a new opportunity for recycled food, waste and water to be converted into fuel with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.

The company’s mission is to close the nutrient cycle by taking leftover food to create renewable energy and bring it back to the soil to nourish life. 

Leftover food is taken from local sources to incubate and create a clean, renewable energy source known as biogas and then the rest of the process will focus on producing organic fertiliser, which nourishes and provides nutrients to the soil. 

StormFisher believes that there is nothing better than taking nutrients in excess food to maintain soil’s health and create an organic cycle that supports minimising carbon emissions into the environment.  

The company maintains that this eco-friendly approach can reduce the dependence on chemical fertiliser and make our land become a better place to live for future generations. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment, StormFisher has become one of the leaders in producing eco-friendly fuels to help improve and better the living environment in Canada. The company was awarded the 2021 Project of the Year by the Canadian Biogas Association, which recognises its effort using the renewable natural gas production system to decrease greenhouse gases in the environment through the transformation of food waste into carbon-negative fuels. 

“The entire StormFisher team is extremely proud to receive this award,” said Brandon Moffatt, co-founder and vice president of development.

“Our renewable natural gas production system is one of the first to produce renewable natural gas from food waste to help solve both the food waste and carbon emission challenges.”

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Irene Dong

Irene Dong

Irene Dong is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology with a major in international relations, specialising in public relations, communications, and media. An aspiring writer she has a passion for fashion, sustainability, and languages.

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