Fuell unveils the world’s longest-range e-bike

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill


US brand Fuell has launched the Flluid – the world’s longest-range e-bike, packed with technology to appeal to EV enthusiasts.

As the company seeks to make e-bikes that it wagers can become a “true car replacement” it has deployed another point of difference in the new Fuell Flluid 2 and Flluid 3 models: a fully automatic gearbox with predictive gear shifting. 

Fuell e-bike boasts 1kWh batteries

Fuell is led by CTO Erik Buell who created Buell Motorcycles. His new Flluid 2 comes with two removable 1kWh batteries and boasts a range of up to 350km on a single charge, while the Flluid 3, a step-through model with a single 1kWh battery offers a 180km range.

Fuell unveils the world's longest-range e-bike
The Fuell Flluid-3S.

“The creation of the Fuell Flluid-2 & 3 e-bikes was a complex and demanding journey that took many years of research and development,” Buell explains. 

A comfortable fit

“We faced a lot of challenges on our way such as creating e-bikes that comfortably fit customers from 1.55m tall all the way to 1.95m tall, packing a 2000W battery into the frame without it getting too massive, and providing a “just right” balance of agility and confident handling to the riding experience, for starters. We have successfully overcome all these challenges to develop e-bikes that meet the needs of today’s urban commuters.”

Buell says the company wanted to create e-bikes that catered to the needs of EV enthusiasts seeking “modern e-mobility solutions as well as premium urban commuters grappling with traffic and long commutes”. 

“Many e-bike customers are coming from driving a car or motorcycle and are not current bicyclists. This customer is looking for an e-bike that is simple and easy to use as their motor vehicle with a similar range.”

Fuell unveils the world's longest-range e-bike

As such, he expects commuters to be impressed by the elimination of manual gear changes and limited power on steep hills. The 750W/130Nm mid-drive motor built by Valeo and the integrated gearbox is designed to offer smooth power no matter how challenging the terrain. (There is a manual mode for those who prefer to select their own gears though).

Lightweight but strong 

Both e-bikes are built with lightweight – but strong – aluminium frames, fitted with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping and a Gates Carbon drive belt that does not require maintenance or lubrication.

Fuell unveils the world's longest-range e-bike

US models will have a throttle assist of up to 32kph – although that is limited to 6kph in the EU due to regulatory requirements – allowing the rider to get cracking without pedalling. Both Flluid models come in two versions, offering a maximum speed of 20mph in the US (25kph in the EU), and 28mph (45kph in the EU).

Flluid e-bike availability

An initial production run of 50 units of the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 will be sold at US$3999 and $3699 respectively but as production ramps up the company expects prices will change. Click here if you are interested in further information about the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 or interested in buying one.

Fuell unveils the world's longest-range e-bike

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Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill

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