Australia’s biggest battery is switched on in Victoria, speeding path to renewables target

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill


One of the world’s largest batteries has begun operating in the state of Victoria, Australia, a key piece of the nation’s quest to expand its use of renewables. 

Located in the city of Geelong, the battery will unlock more than 250MW of additional peak capacity into the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector over the next decade of Australian summers, and help Victoria to reach its goal of 50-per-cent renewable energy by 2030. It was developed by French company Neoen, in partnership with Tesla, deploying its Megapack technology, and network partner AusNet Services.

The giant battery will allow energy created by renewable means – such as solar and wind power – to be stored for use during peak load times, reducing the state’s reliance on fossil-fuel-powered electricity generation. It took Neoen less than a year to build, despite the impact of Covid-related movement restrictions. 

“We are extremely proud to have delivered the largest battery in Australia in record time,” said Louis de Sambucy, MD at Neoen Australia.

“We are honoured to be contributing a project of this scale and innovation. With 2 GW of projects in our pipeline in Victoria, we are committed to continuing to play our part in Victoria’s renewable energy transition.”

The giant battery will provide an automatic instant response in the event of an unexpected network outage, providing AEMO with an additional means of ensuring grid stability. It will also participate in the National Electricity Market and support increased penetration of renewables in Victoria through network services such as fast frequency control.

Neoen cites analysis from Independent bodies predicting that for every $1 invested in its construction, the battery will deliver $2.40 in benefits to Victorian households and businesses.

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill

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