McDonald’s plan to make Happy Meal toys sustainable will take four years

Tong Van

Tong Van

McDonald’s has revealed a plan to make all of its Happy Meal toys more sustainable – but says it needs until 2025 to do so worldwide.

The fast-food company is aiming for a 90-per-cent reduction in virgin fossil fuel-based plastic used, against a 2018 baseline. “Every toy sold in a Happy Meal will be sustainable, made from more renewable, recycled, or certified materials like bio-based and plant-derived materials and certified fibre,” the company said in a statement.

“Our next generation of customers care deeply about protecting the planet and what we can do to help make our business more sustainable,” said Jenny McColloch, chief sustainability officer at McDonald’s. 

“We’re working closely with suppliers, families, and play experts and engineers to introduce more sustainable, innovative designs and help drive demand for recycled materials, to keep McDonald’s communities and beyond smiling for generations to come.”

Beyond the composition of the toys, the business has also explored recycling old toys into new restaurant trays, and replacing plastic wrappers on the toys with new plant-based and premium certified fibre packaging.

“Sustainable material sourcing is a necessary strategy for mitigating the impact of supply chains on our ecosystems and climate, including the plastic waste crisis,” said Sheila Bonini, senior VP, private sector engagement at the World Wildlife Fund.

“By reducing conventional virgin plastic inputs by a projected 90 per cent, the re-imagined toys will reduce the demand on fossil fuel plastic production to instead create new markets for responsibly-sourced, renewable and recycled content.”

McDonald’s has previously committed to sourcing all packaging from renewable, recyclable or certified sources by 2025. 

Tong Van

Tong Van

Tong Van is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City Law School majoring in Legal English and has been a content writer and researcher specialising in the retail sector for several years. Her interests include fashion, travel, health & beauty and food.

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