Wrangler launches sustainable denim with Infinited Fiber Company

Tong Van

Tong Van

Jeanswear and casual apparel brand Wrangler has collaborated with Infinited Fiber Company to launch a denim range for its Fall 2021 Collection, which it claims is the most sustainable denim yet. 

The range features planet-friendly fibre Infinna made from textile waste using innovations including Indigood, foam-dye technology that lowers wastewater by over 99 per cent, and an e-flow finishing process. 

“Wrangler is committed to continually pushing the sustainability standards for denim,” said Dhruv Agarwal, senior director, innovation, sustainability, and product development of Kontoor Brands, Wrangler’s parent company. 

“We believe our work with Infinited Fiber Company and the introduction of Infinna once again raises the bar in terms of environmental performance of our denim products without compromising the comfort and quality consumers expect from Wrangler.”

Agarwal said Infinna is an additional fibre complement to cotton and an important step forward in the commercialisation and adoption of circularity in the apparel supply chain.

Wrangler and Inifinited Fiber Company have partnered since 2015, when the commercial viability of Infinited Fiber’s technology was first being evaluated. Wrangler’s innovation team was among the first to see the innovation’s potential, helping Infinited Fiber understand the industry’s technical requirements for the fiber and completing preliminary tests and trials on fabrics made with Infinna.

“We are grateful to the Wrangler Innovation Team for their long-term support, for being one of the early adaptors of Infinna and for turning our innovation into a beautiful denim that will unlock a new level of circularity in the textile industry,” said Petri Alava, CEO and co-founder, Infinited Fiber Company.

Earlier this year, Infinited Fiber Company successfully secured US$35.5 million in its financing round led by apparel brands including Adidas and Bestseller.

Tong Van

Tong Van

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