Australian mining companies to deploy 8500 electric trucks worth A$1 billion

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill


In what’s described as a “pivotal partnership” for Australia’s mining industry, two companies have partnered to deploy some 8500 two- and four-wheel-drive electric trucks for use in remote locations in rural Australia. 

The trucks have an estimated value of almost A$1 billion. 

The two companies – SEA Electric and Mevco – have already secured signed pre-orders for more than half the volume of Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser models available for deployment this year. The vehicles are fitted with either 60kWh batteries with a range 260km on a single charge, or 88kWh batteries with a 380km range. Fast DC to DC charging can provide up to 80 per cent of a full charge in less than one hour and the batteries come with a five-year factory warranty.

“This is a pivotal partnership for the mining industry,” said Mevco CEO Matt Cahir.

“It enables the world’s leading EV technology for heavy and light commercial trucks to be commercialised on a scale that makes sense for the bespoke needs of the mining sector.

“SEA Electric’s unique architecture is perfectly suited for the task, with the system’s high-torque characteristics ideally fit for purpose.”

Demonstration models are available for testing in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. 

The two companies say switching from internal combustion engines to electric power for vehicles used at mining sites reduces noise, fumes, heat and vibration, creating a more comfortable environment for workers.  

“With the SEA-Drive power system, we have developed technology that is perfectly adaptable to a wide range of commercial vehicle tasks that have typically been the domain of diesel-powered engines,” said SEA Electric founder & CEO Tony Fairweather.

“Across all industries, companies now understand they have a role to play in ensuring they are a part of the solution to the environmental problems we face.” 

For users, the switch to EV provides a comfortable work environment, with health and safety considerations including no noise, fumes, heat, or vibrations.

Mevco is part of RCF Jolimont owned by Resource Capital Funds, one of the largest private equity managers in the world focused on mining.

Australian-owned SEA Electric specialises in the assembly and 100 per cent electrification of commercial vehicles worldwide, including electric trucks. 

Last September, the company deployed an all-electric aircraft refueller at Australia’s Brisbane airport in partnership with Air BP and aviation service company Refuel International. 

Robert Stockdill

Robert Stockdill

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