Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken help drive China’s plant-based market

Tong Van

Tong Van

Plant-based food company Livekindly Collective has entered China with two flagship brands – Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken – hoping to get a slice of China’s US$1 billion plant-based market. 

The two new brands feature a portfolio of seven products which are developed and manufactured based on local preferences, including plant-based dumplings, several mushroom-based dishes and a seasoned minced dish. 

“China is one of the most exciting and strategic markets for the plant-based revolution, and a key pillar of our growth strategy,” said Kees Kruythoff, CEO and chairman of Livekindly Collective.

As the first brands created in-house by Livekindly Collective, Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken aim to get exposure among Gen Z with cartoon characters and a message saying “consumers can enjoy great taste, excellent nutrition and a modern twist on heritage cuisine by eating plant-based food”. 

According to the Good Food Institute, China’s plant-based market was approximately US$1 billion in 2018 with average annual growth from 20 to 25 per cent. 

Founded by Blue Horizon Group, Livekindly Collective has seven plant-based food brands in its portfolio, including Oumph!, The Fry Family Food Co., LikeMeat, No Meat, and The Dutch Weed Burger. 

“We’re coming off a phenomenal first year, having become one of the top three highest-funded and fastest-growing plant-based food companies in the world,” said Roger Lienhard, founder and executive chairman of Blue Horizon Group and founder of Livekindly Collective. 

Launched last year, Livekindly Collective has raised US$535 million to fund its international expansion into China and other growth regions, as well as the company’s strategic acquisitions, partnerships and investments in plant-based innovation.

“With the launch of our China office, we are closer than ever to achieving our mission of making plant-based living the new norm,” Lienhard said. 

Tong Van

Tong Van

Tong Van is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City Law School majoring in Legal English and has been a content writer and researcher specialising in the retail sector for several years. Her interests include fashion, travel, health & beauty and food.


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