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Irene Dong

Irene Dong

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Sportswear giant Adidas is once again partnering with Parley For The Oceans in the global impact initiative – Run for the Oceans. 

According to Adidas, for every 10 minutes of running recorded via the Adidas Runtastic app, Joyrun, Codoon, Yeudongquan or Strava, Parley will clean up the number of plastic bottles from beaches, remote islands, and coastlines before they reach the ocean (up to a maximum of 250,000kg). 

Launched from May 23 to June 8, the event returns for its fifth year and aims to encourage generations to help reduce waste. Moreover, it will expand to include a wider range of activities. Adidas said people from all over the world can sign in to take part in the challenge and help protect the ocean from plastic waste. 

“Time is against us in the race to help end plastic waste, so we’re pushing harder and with more focus than ever before,” said Katja Schreiber, SVP of sustainability at Adidas. 

“Just like how this is an industry-wide problem, it requires industry-wide solutions, because sustainability is a team sport. By uniting our sporting community for this challenge, we can inspire real action against plastic waste by giving people an experience where their actions and way of being active contribute towards cleaning up the ocean.”

Adidas and Parley’s Run for the Oceans have united over 8.2 million runners worldwide and a total running of more than 81.7 million km since 2017. Both brands started their partnership in 2015 and have launched more than 50 million pairs of shoes. 

This year, Adidas and Parley have announced the launch of Adizero X Parley and Ultraboost 22 X Parley. The Adizero is considered a milestone of the collaboration since Adidas and Parley for the first time have combined to launch a lower footprint concept. 

“We can end the crisis by cleaning up our planet, by inventing new materials and most importantly, by changing our minds,” added Cyrill Gutsch, CEO and founder of Parley.  

“Today, plastic is still threatening life. But billions of people now know how harmful it is. Run for the Oceans is the moment where we turn awareness into action, where we grow our movement even bigger. Where everyone can take a stand. Run with your feet, run your mind! Help us to end this epic battle. Together we can win this impossible mission and end the destruction of our magical blue planet.” 

Irene Dong

Irene Dong

Irene Dong is a graduate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology with a major in international relations, specialising in public relations, communications, and media. An aspiring writer she has a passion for fashion, sustainability, and languages.