About Viable Earth

Viable.Earth is a project of Metro Creative Asia, a content-creation business based in Southeast Asia. Founder Robert Stockdill has spent more than 20 years observing and commentating on the retail industry across Asia Pacific and beyond and became convinced that sustainability issues would exert massive influence on consumer behaviour during the next decade.

As Head of News with the Inside Retail group of B2B websites and affiliates Inside FMCG and Internet Retailing, Robert with his multinational team saw an opportunity to develop a channel for consumers to be inspired and informed.

Viable is a synonym for sustainable and companies in many industries all over the world are focusing on how to minimise their environmental footprint in an era where climate change poses an existential threat to the planet and life as we know it.

We hope that by sharing what brands all around the globe are doing in the field of sustainability, we will inspire consumers to seek out new lifestyle solutions and products that help them lead a better life and reduce the impact on the planet. Our coverage will expand through the latter half of 2021 to include the plant-based food movement, the push for sustainability and repurposing in fashion, health & beauty and other categories, green energy, transportation, retailing and even green investing.

Submissions of products, projects and commentary are always welcome. Email robert@metrocreative.asia Enjoy our coverage. Share our stories on your social media channels. Leave comments on our articles! The founders: Robert Stockdill, Kaycee Enerva and Tong Van.